Welcome to the Neves Software Inc. Home Page. Here you can find out more about neves software and what services we provide.

Loyality Mobile Marketing

Loyality is a mobile marketing solution developed by Neves Software Inc. as a platform to help merchants promote their businesses. The platform has various features to accomplish this including gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programs and mobile messaging. The Loyality app also has a business directory to allow the app users to find businesses easily using GPS or based on their home address. Click on the button below to find out more about hte loyality platform.

Our Mission

To build software that benefits the communities we live in by improving opportunities for commerce. Increasing business and creating opportunities to better the life of the people we serve.

About Us

Neves Software Inc was started by Philip Neves our President and CEO. Philip started Neves Software because he saw that technology at the time was in a rut. People were rehashing the same concepts over and over again and not moving technology forward despite the fact that the big companies in the technology were the ones who created the most innovative solutions.

Let’s face it, modifying someone’s WordPress site so that it improves Googles search engine results isn’t going to change the world. So Neves Software Inc. has been looking to create innovative technologies that make it easier for companies to conduct business. This is why we built the Loyality system. We want to help you increase sales in your business because, through business, we believe we can better our communities.